The state elections and the new right movement in Germany

State elections in Germany are very soon. Hessen and Bayern, two big states in Germany, will elect their representatives in October. A recent murder in the city of Chemnitz/Saxony opened up new discussions about refugees and nationalism, which might influence the elections. Ethnocentrism, with other words, ethnic based politics, is now highly discussed in Germany.

“Criminal foreigners, out!”

Nationalism or internationalism? Tolerance or arrogance? Shortly before the state election, the temperature is rising in Germany. The new established ethnocentric political party AfD (Alternative for Germany) is claimed to be fascist and Nazi but gains more and more supporters every day. The best way to understand why those Germans, despite the bad reputation of the party, support AfD, is to ask direct questions. Here is the interview with a nationalist AfD voter:

Are you a Nazi?

Would you first shortly tell us about yourself?

J.Z.: I am a 50 year old German man, self employed and single. I have no kids. And I consider myself lucky not to have kids in today’s Germany.

Why so?

J.Z.: First of all; the divorcing law is not in favor of kids. It is so easy to break a family. Children should grow up in the family. I believe that only the capable couples should start a family, so kids can grow in a secure and healthy environment.

Second of all; there is a refugee problem in Germany. Here it is not safe to raise kids anymore.

Let’s clearify your first reason. So you worry about the children the most?

J.Z.: Yes, of course. They are our future. I might be selfish but who will work and pay my salary when I am retired? Our system in Germany works this way like in many other countries: Kids take care of us when we are old. That simple. And I currently worry about my country’s future.

And the second reason?

J.Z.: Since we opened the borders for refugees we experience more violent attacks in Germany. Chemnitz, Köthen, Löbau… Refugees attack Germans with knifes. A friend of mine just told today that; an African kid from her child’s school started a fight against a German kid and it ended up in hospital. Those refugee kids are older than their classmates, as they have no ID card or they are delayed in education. They are like wild animals.

What happened exactly in Chemnitz?

J.Z.: A Syrian and an Iraqi guys argued with three Germans. Then they left and came back with a knife. It is said that; the German guy, Daniel, wanted to protect the two women and got 25 stabs. And those two refugee men were already known as criminals and supposed to be sent back home.

What about criminal Germans?

J.Z.: We had off course criminals and we will have in the next years. But criminality has increased drastically in the last years. What could be the reason?

In Chemnitz, for example, there were 60 rapes by foreigners this year. Last December in Kandel 15 year old Mia was killed by her Afghan boyfriend. He got 8 years 8 months prison, as he was considered under the age of 18 [the age where you are legally fully responsible in Germany]. He has no ID and they gave him a reduced punishment without a blood test to find out his real age. On the other side, the crazy guys, who set a fire at a refugee house without causing death, got 10 years. That’s why I joined AfD; the new political party which is often called as Nazi.

Are you a Nazi?

J.M.: Never. I like foreigners. I have many foreign friends. But all the foreigners I allowed in to my life are integrated. However, there are such foreigners, who are not capable of integrating themselves into German culture. They are not civilized and have no education. I would rather call them “monkeys”: an animal that looks like a human but is not cultivated.

They keep producing kids, as they know that each kid brings them extra child money. They even cheat the system. Their families live in their hometown but they still get child money here and send it to their hometown. They do not respect our democracy.

It’s all about money

Why do you think they came to Germany? There is war in their countries.

J.Z.: No, they want money. Besides they escape from the military service. Why do you think there are that many Syrian young men are coming here, but only a few women and kids?

Who initiated and manipulates the war, for example, in Syria? Who sends there the weapons?

J.Z.: Countries like USA, England or other NATO allies, of course. And my country also sends weapons there through Saudi Arabia or Turkey. For me it is not acceptable to sell guns to the countries, where there is a war going on. Exporting guns brings lots of money.

Do you mainly see the reason as economic?

J.Z.: The refugees pay illegally to come here, with of course hoping a better life. Then they get money here, which is nearly 1000 Euro per month, per head and they send money back to the families in their home countries. That means; a German who worked for 30 years in Germany send money to Africans. Refugees know that they will get cash as soon as they enter Germany. If you look at the money transfer from Germany to Africa, you will give me right. On the other hand; many retired Germans live in poor conditions.

The reason that “the refugees” are allowed to come to Germany is also economic.

Can you explain this economic reason for Germany?

J.Z.: In Germany around 50 people own the biggest industrial companies and they have strong influence in German Parliament. Those big companies, like BMW, need workers. However, Germans already decided not to make kids, as they think life is too expensive to raise healthy kids.

Germany is a big producer and everybody trusts and buys “Made in Germany” products. Opening the borders, then, is not because of showing mercy to poor refugees. We import workers for those businessmen. They do not worry about integration or a safe society but to keep their companies alive.

Look at “Bilderberg Group” on the internet. A group of mainly industry and university people, who meet every year and decide what the World politicians should do and say since 100 years. Not only in Germany, World politic today is in capitalists’ hand.

Do you think that AfD does not care for the business but Germany as a nation?

J.Z.: Yes.

Deniz Held, J.Z. and AfD chief Dr. Alexander Gauland at the background.

Integration is important

Why do you think Integration is important?

J.Z.: Integration is necessary for a healthy communication in the society. It is important to listen to the streets, be interested in what is going on in the society you live in. For that you should speak the language.

We have been experiencing this problem since 1955, when the first Guest Workers from Italy, Greece and Turkey came. The first generation made an effort to integrate. However, after second generation they did not worry, since they had created their own communities and did not see any need for integrating.

Now we have additionally the Africans: Those African kids, who grow in their Islamic and patriarchal families, see how badly their fathers treat their mothers and “learn” how to handle a woman. No matter German or African, they treat the woman this way. They have no respect for the women. This is the main danger for my home country. We are losing all what we achieved so far. Our culture will be lost.

Is it only the foreigners’ fault? How about Germany‘s integration politics?

J.Z.: I believe that German government spoiled the refugees by giving them all what they want. But one should show effort to learn the language at least. The Austrian Prime minister  said; no social service payment for those who can not speak German.

The interior minister Seehofer said that; “integration is the mother of all problems.” Do you agree?

J.Z.: He is right but his aim is to get the votes they lost, back from AfD.

Sharia laws and capital punishment

The other parties are quite hospitable towards the refugees. Do they not see any problem, you think?

J.Z.: Other parties say; “Colored is good, let them come. We have enough money, we can take many refugees.”  I wish those idiots experience an attack or a rape in their families by those foreigners. It will come.

Why a father is afraid for his 16 years old daughter when she goes out at night? This is her right and is quite normal but today we are afraid of walking in the dark, since a black young boy can attack us. If you drive with me 10 o’clock in the evening along the main street in the city center, you will understand what I mean. You can hardly see a German there. Many black young men looking for sex. That’s why I vote for AfD. Our cities should be secure again.

How would you solve the refugee problem?

First of all; closing the borders and sending the non-integrated ones back home. But they should be first tattooed their file numbers on their arms, so we can be sure that they are recognizable. Yes, tattooing is a Nazi way but it is necessary. It gives a better control, as they have no ID cards. After all, they can get a fake ID but they can hardly erase the tattoo. And the ones who still attempt to come here, should be punished as their own countries would do. I mean; we should apply them Sharia laws. This is what they understand.

Beside, these punishments should be executed publicly so it establishes a precedent for other refugees and countries, so they learn what happens if they come here. Our biggest trade partner China does this in the stadiums. Does anybody call Chinese people “Nazis”?

No, I have not heard such an expression. But isn’t this cruel and brutal?

J.Z.: Yes, but necessary to prevent coming troubles. We have to kill the first ten to stop the next 1000.

Don’t you think there are other ways to prevent this? We are living in 21. Century.

J.Z.: It works in China. The other punishments are not deterrent. Because the prisons in Germany are like a shelter for them; they have place to sleep and eat, they work there and earn money.

Are you a fascist?

J.Z.: If my thoughts are considered so, yes I am. If it helps to close the borders, I will do anything, I can be anything, even a fascist.

Merkel since 13 years

What do you think about the current German Government?

J.Z.: The current Government is a coalition of different political parties. The party, which got only 20%, is the leader. Merkel is Chancellor since 2005. That is wrong. It should be maximum 8 years, like in America.

Are you against coalitions?

J.Z.: Not really, but they can not achieve something. The last coalitions (CDU-CSU-SPD) did not make something better but they are still governing Germany. There is so much wrong in Germany. Any German says that, one way or another.

Do you follow AfD’s program in the Parliament? Are you happy with their work?

J.Z.: Yes I follow them but they can not do much there. All the established parties are against them and do everything to block AfD. This is how the democracy works in Germany. The freedom of Speech is not applied for AfD. They are already condemned and labelled as fascist and Nazi, then many people automatically approach them with prejudices.

AfD says; “Islam does not belong to Germany”, “police forces should be stronger”, ” No multiculturalism”, “No abortion”, “Better relationships with Russia” and “no third gender”. Do you agree with all those?

J.Z.: Yes

Which party did you vote before AfD?

J.Z.: The Green Party (Die Grüne). As I thought it was good to care for my environment and nature for the future of my country. Blocking industry and traffic for example.

Did Die Grüne disappoint you?

J.Z.: They did not manage what I expected. Then I understood the system: Politic is promising only and the promises bring the votes. It took me long time to understand this.

Do you trust AfD’s promises, then?

J.Z.: Not fully. I just hope. By the way, I wish Dr. Gottfried Curio leads AfD. Gauland is too old and unhealthy to be a strong leader, which we need.

Why AfD?

Do you think AfD politicians are capable to solve the immigration problem?

J.Z.: I do not think that this problem can be solved. But I just hope AfD can change it. First of all, the leaders of AfD have long experiences in other political parties, such as CDU or CSU. They also worked at high positions in the big companies. Many people will vote for AfD for that reason. They are also quite intelligent people. The chief of AfD, Gauland, is a Dr. Jurist and wrote many important books.

How can AfD change it?

J.Z.: I hope they get to run the Government and  close the borders, change the social system, stop paying EU contribution and send the refugees back home.

Do you think closing the borders is possible?

J.Z.: Not really. If we leave EU, then it could be. Austria wanted to do this but could not manage. They took other measurements to stop the flow. Hungary and Poland closed.

AfD got surprisingly almost 13% at last year’s national election. How much do you think they get in October?

J.Z.: It was not really a surprise. This year they will get in Hessen 20% and in Bayern 25%. And next elections even more.


Many people consider AfD as the follower of Hitler’s National Socialist Party. Do you agree?

J.Z.: I partly agree. AfD think of Germany like NSDAP did after the First World War. You should look at National Socialism from a different view, as well. NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers’ Party) promised a change and made it happen. They granted security, work and good feelings to the Germans, who were repressed and lost their hopes after the war. But of course, what they did afterwards was horrible and sick.

They carried out a genocide!

J.Z.: Yes, this is wrong, no doubt. But they earlier did many right things. One should judge NSDAP in total. For example a girl could walk at night alone in 1935 but not in today’s Germany.

This may be the reason, why people are afraid of boosting AfD votes. As AfD think the way that NSDAP did in the beginning, then they might expect same violent acts afterwards. What do you think?

J.Z.: First thing that comes to my mind is simple: As long as the streets are safe and the social system can work in favor of Germans, it does not matter for me. We have to be radical to solve the problem. But I do not think such violent things would happen in 21. Century, in the center of Europe. AfD politicians are clever guys and they aren’t Hitler fans?

We are currently in a seminar hall with some AfD politicians and supporters but outside thee times more people are shouting against AfD.  No other German party gets such reaction. What do you think?

J.Z.: This reaction is ordered and paid by the Government to show all the people that AfD is Nazi. They want to prevent people to vote for AfD. A normal person would be scared but these protests challenge AfD more.

There are some crazy AfD supporters who threaten any foreigners in the streets and even apply violence. What do you think about them?

J.Z.: There are some groups of stupid bold guys, who shout like crazy and terrify the people, I know. They see that something is wrong but they do not know what to do. They are not capable to see the whole picture. Yes, they are Nazis and create a big problem for AfD. By the way, I have not heard that a refugee was killed or raped by a German.

Mainstream media is biased

What kind of problem is AfD facing?

J.Z.: Germany has a State Protection Law (Staatschutz); a political party that crates unrest or riot in the society can be closed. And those idiots are easily agitated and manipulated to create unrest. Who wants to stop AfD will use this law to eliminate AfD from political arena. They want to keep their positions and they see AfD as a threat.

The anti-AfD parties also spread negative fake news in media to give AfD a bad reputation. Like in Chemnitz. There had been no criminal event by AfD fans or provocateurs in police record but media broadcasted many.

Do you believe that mainstream media in Germany is manipulated?

J.Z.: Absolutely. Media is totally controlled by the Government. It is almost like in Turkey. I often read NZZ (Neue Zuricher Zeitung) to learn neutral news. German media show always the good side of the foreigners: “Everything is normal, we are a colorful and happy country.” That is not true. Media are not reliable but people trust the media.

Gauland once said: “Germany did many great things in 1000 years of history but only the Nazi period remains in people minds. We should never forget that terrible 12 years. However, the Nazi time is just a fly shit in the history.” The media titled only the last sentence. What he meant as whole was actually very important. We should think about it.

Nationalistic politics

So you think your country should have priority and come first. Why?

J.Z.: Because my grandfather’s generation suffered, worked hard to build up our great country. They paid for the established German social system with sweat, which is killed by the immigrants today. That is not fair.

All native Germans should be nationalists and look after their country. I like Trump’s slogan:”America first!” Today there is no one brave enough to stand up and say “Germany first!”

There are not many nationalistic rituals in Germany. No national day parades for example. Do you think there are many Germans with nationalistic feelings?

J.Z.: To say “I am proud of being German” is not allowed in this country. By the Treaty of Versailles after the First World War, the allied powers decided to repress Germans and keep Germany weak. So they planned and manipulated to erase German national thinking. They might have been afraid of German intelligence.

Germans invented many things that changed the World; Oppenheimer, Einstein, Gutenberg, Kepler… We made a great and rich country after wars. Why can not I be proud of those. Everybody would.

Do you think the raise of Nationalistic politics is good, while the World gets Global?

J.Z.: When I look at my country from my position; I see nothing national. We do not even have a national football team. The German football team is now called “the team” and there is no German flag on the footballers’ uniform.

Nationalism is necessary: Every citizen should not forgot where s/he comes from. To have again such great people like Goethe, Schliemann, von Braun and Heisenberg… We have to understand and be proud of those people, who wrote our country’s history. But in the schools we have been taught that Nationalism is not good.

The crowds need to be led

Do you think you can do something to change Germany?

I am a salesman and I think I am able to manage and convince the crowd of people. Human beings are meant to be managed or commanded. You can guide groups of people and even make them do something useful. Joseph Goebbels was good in that. His aim was wrong, though. He said to the crowd: “Do you want a war?” And the millions of Germans answered altogether: “Yes!”

Today there are many clever men to guide the crowds towards good actions. But they have high egos and no good targets for the World.

Turks in Germany

What do you think about the Turkish society in Germany?

J.Z.: I shop at Turkish shops, eat at Turkish Restaurants, my girl friend is Turkish.

So you do not have much problem with the Turks.

Not really. Some of them, after 30-40 years, are still not integrated and they should also go back to Turkey. The first Turkish workers tried to integrate. Then they decided to stay and bring their families. Then they established their own community and did not need to learn the language and even working. Around 60-70% of the Turkish families are living from social service; child, disabled or unemployment money.

What I do not like with them also is that they live in Germany, get profit of democracy and speech freedom but they vote for autocracy in their homeland, where they do not live. They should go to Turkey and live under the conditions they wish.

What do you think about Mesut Özil case?

J.Z.: If a foreigner in a national football team is not able to sing the National Anthem and not even interested to sing, he can not get a third chance. He said that; he instead prayed to his Allah to win the game. Not acceptable for me.

Thank you Mr. Z.!

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Deniz Alan Held
1974 Ankara doğumlu ama 2 yaşından beri Istanbullu. Çocukluk ve gençliği cimnastik ve dans çalışmalarıyla geçti. 2000 yılından beri yoga yapıyor. 2002 yılında evlenip yurtdışına yerleşti ama bir ayağı hep Istanbul'da oldu. Çocuklardan sonra, Norveç'te hayalindeki işin eğitimini alma fırsatı geçti eline. Trondheim Üniversitesi'nde Medya Bilimi ve Görsel Kültür dalında lisans ve yüksek lisans okudu. İki yıl Zürih, 10 yıl Trondheim'da yaşadıktan sonra 2014 yazında eşinin memleketi Almanya'ya yerleşti. Şİmdi iki oğlu ve eşi ile sakin bir hayat sürmekte, ve Türkiye'nin Gezi Gençleri'nce yönetileceği çağdaş bir ülke olduğu hayalini kurmakta. // ENGLISH: Born in Ankara in 1974, moved to Istanbul at age 2. Spent lots of time with gymnastic and contemporary dance at early ages. since 2000 practices rather yoga. Married to a German in 2002 and move to Zurich. Later lived 10 years in Norway/Trondheim and eventually settled down in Germany. Studied Media Science in Trondheim and finished master degree in 2012. Has two sons. Looking forward to the days that Turkey is eventually led democratically by the Gezi youth.