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Indigo Magazine (In Turkish: İndigo Dergisi) is the first independent online magazine in Turkey, publishes daily articles since October 2005. Indigo’s alternative media discourse stands on the 21st Century’s new media perception, which necessitates a publication — becomes the voice of it’s readers, has a transparent understanding for publishing; on the other hand, an alternative to the mainstream media. With its wide variety content, Indigo has become one of the most respected “alternative news source” of Turkey—reaching over 1,00,000 readers per month.

Founded: October 2005
Headquarter: Istanbul, Turkey
Employees: 150+
Motto: “Now, It’s Time for Change!”
Reaches: 700,000+ visits / month
News categories: Social Responsibility, Awareness, Europe, Foreign Affairs, Politics, Science, Health, Arts & Culture, Life, Education, Environment, Personal Development, Critics, Psychology, Astrology, and more…
Area served: World-wide
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Available in: online only
Launched: October 1, 2005
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Facebook page: indigofan
Twitter profile: indigodergisi

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Publication Principles & Content Policy

Mission statement: Indigo Magazine’s objective is to create awareness by questioning the manner of life. It’s vision is to contribute ‘world’s positive change’ by developing a sense of social responsibility. Core values: Honest, fair minded, peaceful.

Codes: Indigo Magazine, as one of Turkey’s prestigious online publications, adopts and oversees the Turkey’s Journalists’ Declaration of Rights and Responsibilities in all of its contents. In addition, Indigo Magazine complies with the Principles of Profession for Journalists declared by Turkey Press Council. Indigo Magazine also adopts and considers The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Neutrality: Indigo Magazine does not publish misleading, discriminatory, or bias content; including reporting that favors or attacks a particular race, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, ethnic group, or even person.

Freedom of Expression: In the compliance with this publication principles, Indigo Magazine adopts and promotes the freedom of expression.

Reliability: Indigo Magazine checks the accuracy of all information in its content, and gives importance to the validity of this information.

Privacy: Unless there is no any legal obligation, Indigo Magazine does not share or publish its visitors’ (readers”) and clients’ identification, including e-mail addresses, messages, phone numbers, and other personal info.

Disclaimer: Indigo Magazine’s Publishers (Editor-in-Chief, Senior Editor, Administrative Board, and Editorial Board) are not legally and constitutionally responsible for any kind of articles and comments on this website. All sorts of legal responsibility belongs to the person who writes/wrote the article or comment. Articles on medical information is only informatory, and cannot replace a doctor’s examination. Please contact to your doctor in case of an issue regarding your health.


Publisher & CEO
Mehmet Karaarslan
[email protected]

Senior Editor & COO
Hale Karaarslan
[email protected]

Managing Editor
Özgür Teker
[email protected]

Şölen Güngör
[email protected]

Legal Advisor
Av. Gülperi Eldeniz

Financial Advisor
Hamdi Boğan SMMM

Özgür Teker
[email protected]

Bostancı Kadıköy Istanbul 34740 TURKEY

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