“The Corona outbreak could have been prevented” Interview with Professor Kutschera

In the first part of our interview with Professor Kutschera, we had discussed the relation between science and the politics. It appears indeed, that science often does not support the political decisions. This time, we discuss with Prof. Kutschera the same thematic in the context of the Corona situation.

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“The Corona outbreak could have been prevented”: Interview with Prof. Ulrich Kutschera (Part 2)

Professor Kutschera, is the Coronavirus relevant for your scientific work?

U.K.: Yes. In 2020, I published three Online-Letters about Corona-Biology in the Journal „Science”. This is a so-called zoonotic transmission of virus particles that naturally exist in the body of Asian bats. In Wuhan, they have a large Virus-Research Center in the middle of the city, and it is likely that bats sometimes bite a technician or a scientist. Such transmissions to human bodies in research centers are already documented.

You said in your latest interview on Kaiser TV that the corona-virus is a ‘winter virus’. Could there be a link between the sun and lack of vitamin D in the human body that we are more susceptible to viruses in winter?

U.K: It is a well-known fact that, at least in Europa, viral infections that cause respiratory problems (influenza, Corona etc.), show a seasonal periodicity. During the winter season people live inside closed rooms with dry air, under unhealthy conditions. Therefore, viral infections can easily spread during the winter months. During spring and summer, sunshine and higher vitamin D-levels in the body strengthen our immune system. For this reason, the word Winter-Viruses was introduced.

Professor Kutschera: The Corona-crisis could have been prevented

There are lots of disagreements about Corona measures of the governments. What is your opinion?

U.K.: The Coronavirus pandemic has exposed the uncomfortable relationship that exists between science and democracy. The political measures are not balanced, but rather ideologically motivated. The Corona-crisis could have been prevented.

In 2017, a scientific paper was published , wherein a zoologist pointed out that the next jump of Corona viruses from animal to human was going to take place soon. Biologists had predicted it. But who cares about scientists?

How could this have been prevented?

U.K.: The problem is that the German government did not shut down the borders. The open border ideology is one reason why we have these Corona-cases in Germany today. All the measures to stop the further spread of Corona-viruses should be discussed with independent natural scientists.

We often hear virologists’ comments in the mainstream media, but Virology is an interdisciplinary science. Virologists talk only about virus particles. What about the host organism, human body? We humans are accidental hosts to these bat-viruses, which in nature only occur in the bodies of these flying mammals that originated about 50 million years ago.

What would have been an appropriate handling of the virus situation on the part of politics, in your opinion?

U.K.: Politics should be based on independent science. I would establish a round table, invite 20 top-scientists (biologists, chemists, medical experts, pediatricians etc.). They can inform the politicians what to do to combat the further spread of the SARS-COV-2-virus
particles. Politicians should listen to what such a group of independent scientists say.

I would also like to hear your opinion about the measures. What do you think about PCR-tests, for example?

U.K.: So-called “PCR-tests” generate questionable results that can not distinguish between intact viruses vs. destroyed-fragmented virus parts. Therefore, they do not provide an accurate image of the true infection rate, which can only be determined by using complicated cell-culture techniques.

The measures are based on the PCR-test results but you say that this test is not a reliable indicator for the presence of the infectious virus particles, right?

U.K.: This is correct. Only cell cultures plus-minus viruses can inform us about possible infections, or the presence of active virions, as the biologist says. We need transmission electron microscopy.

How about the face masks?

U.K.: Numerous publications indicate that face masks are no reliable measure to prevent the spread of virus particles. I have many academic studies on my desk that confirm this. Exhaled CO₂ that we breath back under the mask can damage the body in the long term. CO₂ cannot be efficiently removed from the body cells, it gets accumulated and the pH of the blood drops. And this may cause long-term problems. Unfortunately, this negative effect of the face masks is largely ignored.

Is this virus, maybe, instrumentalized by politics to push for a digital vaccination certificate?

U.K: I am not involved in any political party or agenda and therefore do not want to speculate on that topic.

Same say that; liberties are withdrawn from the population knowingly to adapt the population to a totalitarian acting state. What do you think?

U.K: My job as biology professor is to talk about science but not speculate on political measures. However, the current Corona-measures appear to be more based on ideology than on scientific facts.

What is your opinion about Stefan Lanka’s theory that viruses do not exist, since they cannot be isolated?

U.K: I have published numerous research papers on the ultrastructure of bacterial cells, cell parts that are about the size of virus particles. Therefore, I see no reason to reject the hundreds of publications showing virus particles and their fine structure. In short; virus particles exist, and I am not aware of any evidence against this conclusion.

What do you think about the theory of physicist Roland Wiesendanger that the SARS-Cov-2 virus with high probability originates from the laboratory in Wuhan, since ‘Gain-of-function’ research has been pursued for long time in Wuhan and the danger of the Corona virus has been increased knowingly in the laboratory?

U.K: SARS-COV-2 viruses are genetically more than 96% identical with Corona viruses, isolated from the body of Asian bats. This strongly indicates that SARS-COV-2, like MERS and other SARS-viruses, originated in the bats and were transferred zoonotically to humans. This hypothesis is supported by independent evidence; other explanations are unlikely, or speculations.

Scientific realities can always offend a group of people. Why is it that difficult to make people trust in science and evaluate the things objectively?

U.K.: Based on our evolutionary history, humans tend to think and argue in an irrational way. Therefore, the natural sciences (biology, chemistry, physics), which are based on strong logic and rationality, are not easy to accept by many people. It is easier to believe in miracles and political ideologies than to accept dry facts that do not support mainstream-ideas, or that refute political dogmas concerning how society should be organized.

Thank you Professor Kutschera

Further infos on this topic; see the book U. Kutschera (2021) Klimawandel im Notstandsland. Biologische Realitäten widerlegen Politische Utopien. 2.Auflage. Verlag Tredition, Hamburg. tredition.de/autoren/ulrich-kutschera-37682/

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