Germans to Erdoğan Turks living in Germany: Go back to Turkey!

63% of the Turkish citizens in Germany voted for a presidential regime at the referendum in April. That means the majority of Turkish people in Germany wants Erdoğan to govern Turkey as “the only man”. The Germans, on the other hand, now reconsider their feelings and opinions about the Turks in their country.

Germans to Erdoğan Turks
Photo: Oliver Berg/dpa

As Die Welt journalist Deniz Yücel arrested in Istanbul with accusation of supporting terrorism, Germans started to face with what actually has been going on in Turkey for some time. As they heard that the Turkish President called them “Nazi”, they became furious. And then, the majority of Turkish people living in Germany voted “Yes” for Erdogan’s one man regime, who used that Nazi metaphor. Now Germans reconsider their opinions about the Turks, with whom they have been living together for so many years.

By the way, the German Turks used to be considered more or less similar to each other by Germans until now. The Germans now also realize that the Turkish people are quite different than each other and one should not stereotype them. The Turks are now put in to two categories in Germany: “For Erdogan” and “Against Erdogan”. After the referendum in April, the distinction is much clearer: Yes and No Turks.

Some German politicians asked the Yes (Evet) Turks go back to their hometown, some others said that the No (Hayir) Turks from Turkey can visit Germany without a visa. Those two major Turkish words (yes and no) are known by almost all of the Germans by now and Germans are also able to separate the yes or no Turks by their characteristics and looking.

After the Nazi metaphor more and more aggressive comments about “Yes Turks” are expressed in Germany. One particular sarcastic letter on Facebook represents, partly or fully, the collective feelings of Germans against Erdogan Turks. The letter is written in German and shared many times in social media. The English translation (a moderate version) of this letter is as follow:

Dear Erdogan Turks of Germany;

As I noticed how unhappy and meaningless you feel yourself in our country, I asked myself why those people with these desperate feelings are still living with us. It should have been really hard for you to be here. The last thing I would wish that you and your families suffer in my country.

Let’s think together: You feel yourself stressed by living under such a culture and mentality, which, you think, is not suitable for you. For example, you can not force your daughter to marry before she turns 18 or you can not realize your plans about press freedom and capital punishment. You even suspect that your opinions have no value here, since nobody shows interest.

What is more is that; you are scared because your children are raised in a free society and then there is a chance that they become self confident individuals, who can decide for themselves, who wants to enjoy gender equality and human rights. Actually, if your kids really demand all those rights, it might bring some unwanted situations. You may have to kill them to punish their disobedience or clean your family honor.  But unfortunately, that is also not allowed in Germany and I can not change it.

As you see, all these put you into stress that you can not handle anymore and stress makes ill and unhappy. Then, isn’t it clever to live in a place where you can realize all your wishes? I am sure your president will be waiting for you with both arms open. He already put many bad people into the prisons and he has to execute them. Then you automatically will get free places to live and work in Turkey. After all, Germans (probably other Europeans as well) will not visit your country anymore and their large and comfortable houses will be also waiting for you.

How can you be, after all, useful for your president by living that far from his caring hands? He has big plans for Turkey. Wouldn’t you like to experience this new Turkey, you and your president want to create, personally there?

Then do yourself a favor; go back to your country!

This would be one of the best moments of your life and his. Anyway, to go where you are needed, where you will feel luckier, is the right thing to do.

I wonder if you also noticed; you take a plane and you open your eyes in a different world in less than two hours. It is that simple. But, yes; sometimes one can not see the trees in the forest, especially when he is under stress.

I am really looking forward that you will be happy again. Meanwhile i like to quote a nice saying in German: “Each leaving is a new beginning.”

Sincerely yours


P.S.: Do not forget to give back your German passport at the custom, when you leave Germany, because that passport represents stupid values like democracy, equal rights or speech freedom. I am pretty sure it already bothers you to have such a cursed document. You would not like to dishonor your lovely country with this rotten passport, the best is to leave it behind.

The link to the original letter. / Mektubun Türkçesi.

Has the train of democracy already arrived for Erdoğan?

Deniz Alan Held
1974 Ankara doğumlu ama 2 yaşından beri Istanbullu. Çocukluk ve gençliği cimnastik ve dans çalışmalarıyla geçti. 2000 yılından beri yoga yapıyor. 2002 yılında evlenip yurtdışına yerleşti ama bir ayağı hep Istanbul'da oldu. Çocuklardan sonra, Norveç'te hayalindeki işin eğitimini alma fırsatı geçti eline. Trondheim Üniversitesi'nde Medya Bilimi ve Görsel Kültür dalında lisans ve yüksek lisans okudu. İki yıl Zürih, 10 yıl Trondheim'da yaşadıktan sonra 2014 yazında eşinin memleketi Almanya'ya yerleşti. Şİmdi iki oğlu ve eşi ile sakin bir hayat sürmekte, ve Türkiye'nin Gezi Gençleri'nce yönetileceği çağdaş bir ülke olduğu hayalini kurmakta. // ENGLISH: Born in Ankara in 1974, moved to Istanbul at age 2. Spent lots of time with gymnastic and contemporary dance at early ages. since 2000 practices rather yoga. Married to a German in 2002 and move to Zurich. Later lived 10 years in Norway/Trondheim and eventually settled down in Germany. Studied Media Science in Trondheim and finished master degree in 2012. Has two sons. Looking forward to the days that Turkey is eventually led democratically by the Gezi youth.